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About us - egt

About us

About Us

Our company “Energy” has managed to unite specialists with many years of experience in the field of window structures. Our experience, the study of global trends, the use of new technologies allowed us to create a unique product – EGT glass units / smart-films “Energy Glass Technologies”, which allows you to save energy resources without saving on comfort. We have been working in the market of window constructions for many years.
When we created our company, we wanted to create a company that would sell high-quality energy-saving windows. In the process of studying the market, the climatic features of our country, the features of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies, our unique product appeared.

Our values:

– Responsibility, honesty and development.
– We listen and hear!
– КWe make dreams of a warm and comfortable home come true in a high-quality and efficient manner.

Replacement of windows using double-glazed windows EGT ``Energy Glass Technologies`` guarantees:

– heat preservation,
– noise protection,
– protection from the scorching rays of the sun and keeping cool,
– comfortable air exchange in the room,
– protection against intruders.