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Double-glazed - egt


Own development and technology of production of double-glazed windows of EGT occurs according to the latest technique

The appearance of EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating does not differ from the usual ones, but their operational properties significantly exceed standard analogues. Conductive metallized layer applied to one of the layers of glass, located inside the glass and does not affect the level of its transparency.

EGT heating windows have high strength. It is not afraid of influences of external factors – EGT double-glazed windows with heating work effectively at an ambient temperature from -50 to +100 degrees, quietly transfer hit of cold water on the heated surface. And in order to break them, you need to make significant efforts. Such properties guarantee long service life of a design and do a resource of its work practically unlimited.

EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating are installed in any profile, connected to a standard 220V network. The heat is reflected back into the room, which minimizes heat loss and cuts off the access of cold air outside. This is a guarantee of an ideal microclimate in both winter and summer.

EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating are equipped with individual electronics (power supplies) and thermostats. The supply voltage of EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating is variable and is calculated specifically for the required power. The thermal power emitted by the surface of EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating is from 20 to 350 W / sq.m depending on the purpose of EGT double-glazed windows and the mode of its use.

Light and heat are necessary for everyone for productive work or comfortable rest throughout the year. EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating have unique characteristics that turn an ordinary window into a structure that heats and fills any room with light.

Installation and connection of EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating allows you to create a comfortable microclimate not only in living and working spaces, but also to effectively heat balconies, loggias, conservatories or greenhouses, preventing them from icing and condensation. Economical consumption of electricity makes it appropriate to place glass doors and partitions with heating in insufficiently insulated rooms.

We make EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating: single-chamber, two-chamber and triplex.

The minimum dimensions are 200 x 300 mm.

The maximum dimensions are 2900 x 5000 mm.


  • Heated glass must undergo a process of thermal sealing. Electrically conductive elements of silver busbars are applied on two parallel sides and are located in the inner part of the window and cannot come into contact with a person who is a safety factor.
  • The tightness of the EGT double-glazed unit allows to ensure its long service life, as the environment inside the heated double-glazed unit is constant, and during the period of operation the multifunctional windows pay for themselves several times.
  • Electrical safety of EGT double-glazed windows is provided by existence of the device of protective shutdown.

The principle of operation

Any surface heated to a certain temperature begins to emit electromagnetic waves in the range of 0.75-100 μm, carrying thermal energy. The operation of infrared heaters and electric heating glass, whose heating elements emit such waves, is based on this. Hitting objects and surfaces that are within sight, infrared rays increase their temperature, after which the principle of convection takes effect (heat is transferred from objects and surfaces of the room air).


Electric heaters of double-glazed windows give complete freedom of architecture

  • Can be used as the main heat source for space heating or to create additional comfort in combination with the main heating system.
  • Can be installed in dormer windows, for glazing balconies and loggias.
  • Сheated cabinet is indispensable for the transparent architecture required by winter gardens, gyms, swimming pools, verandas, pavilions, etc.
  • Electric heaters can be used as a local heater, if you make it an internal partition, screen or panel.
  • Heated doors are also popular.
  • Electric double-glazed windows can be included in the security system of the house.
  • If desired, and the availability of funds from heated glass, you can make the walls of the building. It is difficult to find a more suitable material for panoramic glazing.

Management system

The term modern housing implies a certain degree of automation of basic processes, which greatly facilitates human life. DEVIreg ™ Smart is one of the innovative developments created for this purpose. This is a multifunctional system that integrates a thermostat and a smartphone (or other gadget) using a regular home Wi-Fi network, which allows you to automatically control the operation of electrical appliances in the house or apartment of any length. This is a convenient solution for those who value comfort and their own time.

The system in real time regulates the heating temperature in a wide range (from +5 to +45 ° C) due to the presence of an external glass temperature sensor and built-in air sensor, which allows you to program different control modes and monitor all circuit elements.

Features that increase ease of use, Energy saving features

  • Heating control from anywhere in the world, anytime
  • One thermostat can connect up to 10 mobile devices
  • With one application you can control as many rooms and as many thermostats as you need
  • Local, without the use of an Internet connection, installation / operation of the control system of electric heating double-glazed windows EGT
  • Frost protection, schedule for the week ahead, modes “On departure / rest”, energy saving mode
  • Notification / warning of important system events
  • Energy consumption meters for 7 days / 30 days / during the service life help to better understand where you can save
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Heating control by means of a temperature regulator in an automatic mode.
  • Maximum use of natural light.
  • No convection, the so-called cold window effect.
  • Rapid melting of snow and ice when heating the glass surface.
  • Dew point removal – no fogging and condensation.
  • Fast and comfortable space heating with the possibility of giving up radiators.
  • The electrically conductive covering is in a double-glazed window, contact with it is excluded.
  • Thermally tempered glass is much stronger than usual.
  • Even when broken, the glass shatters into small fragments without sharp edges.
  • Glass cannot be cut with a glass cutter.
  • Ability to connect glass to a smart home system.
  • The glass prevents listening to the room by means of a directed laser beam.
  • The reliability of the roof structure increases due to the elimination of snow load.
  • Heating is many times cheaper than other electric heating systems.
  • Can be installed in dormer windows, for glazing balconies and loggias.
  • Preserving heat in winter – Energy-saving coating gives off heat inside the room.
  • Savings on air conditioning – the glass does not let the summer heat into the house.
  • Glass does not heat the street – one-way heating.
  • No mold and fungus to prevent condensation.