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SMART-film - egt


EGT SmartGlass glass with variable transparency

Energy-efficient PVC windows will help make your home warmer and more cozy. Such designs retain heat better than standard window systems, protect against the penetration of low temperatures and save well on heating. In addition, energy-saving glass, the price of which is fully justified by further savings on room heating, protects against heat and scorching sun in summer.

The higher the thermal resistance of heat transfer of the structure, the better its heat and sound insulation properties.

Glass occupies about 90% of the area of the window opening, which means that the choice of glass should be treated with the same attention as the choice of window profile.

However, increasing the number of cameras and, accordingly, the layers of glass in the window leads to a decrease in the level of natural light in the house. Therefore for improvement of energy saving characteristics of windows apply not only the device of additional chambers in a double-glazed window, but also other receptions.

The scope of EGT SmartGlass smart glass is incredibly wide. This innovative material can be used in panoramic glazing of buildings, home, office interiors, in the design of shops and studios. Why you can buy smart glass – the boundaries are defined only by your imagination.

Energy-saving plastic windows will provide comfort and coziness in the room and help reduce heat loss, which often goes to unnecessary heating of the street near the house. In order to reduce costs, there are a lot of new technologies that allow you to achieve the desired result.

The price of smart glass is calculated individually, because the final cost of the project is influenced by a number of factors, such as:

  • Design features and features of operation (dimensions, area, shape, size, weight, number of elements).
  • Smart-glass control system (integration into the "smart home" system, etc.).
  • Features of glass used in the manufacture of the product.
  • Material used in the manufacture of smart glass products.
  • Design


  • EGT SmartGlass glass provides complete privacy in the room;
  • Security. Smart glass has increased strength. Such material is almost impossible to break;
  • Energy consumption is only an average of 4 W / sq.m - the price of smart glass pays off in savings;
  • Heat protection. Due to its multi-layered structure, Smart-Glass reduces heat loss in winter;
  • Increased noise insulation, reduces noise by 35 dB;
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays and infrared rays;
  • Switching of modes of smart glass occurs by means of the remote control;
  • The liquid crystal film may be in the structure of bulletproof and shockproof glass;
  • Long service life. Smart glass EGT SmartGlass continues to function normally even after reassembly;
  • There are no restrictions on the shape of the glass. You can buy smart glass of almost any geometric shape;
  • Unlimited possibilities of selection of shades of glass and a combination of technologies. SMART technology is also combined with heating, LED and other types of glass.
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Smart glass: a product of innovative technologies for exclusive solutions. Ensure complete privacy at the touch of a button? Instantly turn a frosted impenetrable surface into clear glass or, conversely – in an instant to ensure complete confidentiality or romantic semi-darkness? Make a spectacular projection screen out of a glass case? Light! «Smart “glass EGT SmartGlass transforms an ordinary wall, partition or even huge elements of facade structures into an exclusive multifunctional surface. EGT SmartGlass is a real innovation in the world of respectable design, state-of-the-art and technological design solutions.

How does Smart Glass work?

EGT SmartGlass is an innovative material with a variable transparency function. A film of liquid crystal material is placed between two thin layers of glass. In the off mode, liquid crystals scatter light, the surface remains matte, completely opaque. When the power is supplied, the crystals change their position and make the Smart glass completely transparent. In both modes, the amount of light transmitted remains unchanged. The frosted surface of the glass with adjustable transparency does not darken the space.

The state is on

Molecules are aligned, transmitting light. The glass becomes transparent.

Off state

The molecules are arranged randomly, so that the light is scattered and the glass becomes opaque.

1 – Glass. Select the desired thickness, type, shape and color.

2 – EVA. A structured transparent sheet that serves as a link between the glass and ITO-PET.

3 – ITO-PET. Transparent conductive film only a few microns thick.

4 – Liquid crystal polymer matrix. A pool of randomly arranged liquid crystal molecules. When an electric current is applied, liquid crystal molecules line up, thus allowing light to pass freely. Due to this, the glass becomes transparent.

Characteristics, features and benefits of the product

The technology of variable transparency of smart glass opens unlimited opportunities for the implementation of the most amazing and bold design, architectural and advertising solutions. The main advantage of EGT SmartGlass is its versatility. The main distinctive and exceptional properties of glass with variable transparency are:


Frosted surface in the off state, completely transparent - when connecting a smart glass to the network


The shortest time to switch from one mode to another is less than one second

High strength

Thanks to the special structure, smart glass also contributes to the reliability and safety of the largest surfaces

Unlimited surface area

On the basis of Smart-glass you can build any, even the most impressive and monumental structures