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A comfortable life in a city apartment or a country house is impossible without high-quality windows. The company “Energy” is proud to present new innovative high-tech products of the XXI century created by leading experts – EGT glass units “Energy Glass Technologies”

EGT double-glazed windows

The appearance of EGT insulated glass units with electric heating does not differ from ordinary ones, but their performance properties significantly exceed standard counterparts. A conductive metallized layer applied to one of the glasses is located inside the glass unit and does not in any way affect the level of its transparency.

EGT SmartGlass

Smart glass: a product of innovative technologies for exclusive solutions. Provide complete privacy at the touch of a button? Instantly turn an impenetrable surface into transparent glass, or, conversely, in the blink of an eye, provide complete privacy or romantic twilight

Quality glazing at home improves your quality of life. Such windows will help create an optimal indoor climate, reducing heating costs and protecting the house from noise and dust. The specialists of the company “Energy” carry out the elimination of any problems during the entire warranty period. If necessary, the product is replaced with a new one.

Who are our solutions suitable for?

During the purchase, you are faced with a difficult choice: buy inexpensive metal-plastic or innovative windows that will keep the room warm and cozy.

Windows in the apartment

  • When choosing windows for an apartment, first of all, attention should be paid to the material of the profile, since it largely depends on what characteristics the window will have. The glass unit occupies the largest area, therefore the characteristics of the entire structure directly depend on it. The double-glazed window is designed to protect against noise, heat and cold, as well as to be an obstacle to intruders, therefore manufacturers are constantly improving the strength and insulating qualities of their double-glazed windows.

Extensive opportunities for design projects

  • Windows are a great field for various design project implementations. The unusual shape of the windows will not surprise anyone, but we offer our customers innovative technologies, taking into account the individual architectural style and design. We manufacture windows of any kind: square, arched, triangular, trapezoidal, round and polygonal.

EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating

  • EGT double-glazed windows with electric heating are installed in any profile, connected to a standard 220V network. Heat is reflected back into the room, which minimizes heat loss and cuts off cold air from outside. This is a guarantee of an ideal microclimate both in winter and in summer. We make EGT insulating glass units with electric heating: single-chamber, double-chamber and triplex. The minimum dimensions are 200 x 300 mm. The maximum dimensions are 2900 x 5000 mm.

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The principle of operation of double-glazed windows

The heated surface emits electromagnetic waves in the range of 0.75-100 microns, which carry thermal energy. Getting on objects and surfaces that are within sight, infrared rays increase their temperature, after which the principle of convection comes into play (heat is transferred from objects and surfaces to the air of the room).

Most popular questions:

1. What is the heat output generated by the surface of EGT insulated glass units with electric heating?

Heat output ranges from 20 to 350 W / m2

2. What is the average daily operating time of double-glazed windows?

The average daily operation of a double-glazed window in the constant temperature maintenance mode is about 14 hours.

3. How much energy does a glass unit consume?

The amount of energy consumed per square meter will be only ~ 2.5 kW per day!

Advantages of using EGT and EGT SmartGlass insulating glass units

  • Heating control from anywhere in the world
  • One thermostat can connect to 10 mobile devices
  • You can control an unlimited number of designs from one application
  • Local installation / operation of the monitoring system
  • Freeze protection, schedule a week ahead,
  • Energy saving mode
  • Notifications / warnings about important system events
  • Energy meters help you better understand where you can save
  • IOS and Android compatible

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